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the rest of the story adoption and foster care - the rest of the story adoption and foster care experiences ms sharyn gale fellenz sharyn g fellenz on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers this book should be a supplement to training classes as it offers advice regarding adoption and foster care from a foster adoptive parent with forty years of experience, amazon com customer reviews the rest of the story - in today s world there is an increasing need for foster care and adoption while training of foster parents and those wishing to adopt special needs children has improved a lot in recent years no amount of training can cover every eventuality, foster care adoption story i was adopted out of the country at 17 - thank you so much for all your kind words love and support i could have never imagined my videos about being in foster care would get the amount of attention that they have, wait no more a foster care adoption story focus on the - and not surprisingly the statistics show that many of them end up in prison or at homeless shelters and receive government aid and they sometimes have kids who also end up in foster care in hawaii she continued there are 2 500 kids in foster care, foster care adoption american spcc - foster children usually enter the foster care system due to abuse and trauma in their home neglect is the 1 reason children are removed followed by parental drug use this displacement causes a unique set of emotional social and academic challenges for them, blog the forgotten initiative - we spent 9 years in the foster care system as care givers to more than 23 children six of those children never left our care and became a permanent part of our family from 2008 until 2012 our years in the system were trying but also filled with lots of beautiful moments, real life stories narratives national foster care month - these inspiring stories are a powerful way to connect real life to important practice issues and can be used as tools for training new child welfare professionals recruiting and training foster parents and in national foster care month state and local media and awareness campaigns from around the country, a commitment for life parents stories of adoption and - published 9 apr 2015 we need to help children in care treasure the objects that tell their life story the life story books giving adopted children memories of their past, the foster care system what parents wish we knew npr - the foster care system what parents wish we knew news coverage of the foster care system is often in response to stories about the children their struggles and sometimes their triumphs much, foster families share their stories of love and loss the - it is also a way for strapped foster care systems to save money according to a 2007 report more than 6 5 billion annually one reader claudia tracy whose grandchildren had been in a loving foster home wrote to say that she and her husband had decided to bring the children whom they scarcely knew to live with them